Welcome, friends! The 5th Annual Meeting of the Gorchakov Club is opening!

15 December 2017

The New Year is almost in Moscow! Despite gloomy days and slush, beautiful Christmas trees are lighting up on the squares and streets of the city. Its wide boulevards are full of bright illumination.

The expectation of a new Meeting of Friends is adding minor hints of a collectible wine into the aroma of the favorite childhood holiday.

Today we are gathering together at our Club for the fifth time! Each of your visits was somehow special and the agenda of the annual meetings was changing. However, sincerity of our conversations, ingenuity of our jokes and charm of our walks around pre-holiday Moscow are still the same.

There are only a few hours left! Already tonight, on December 15, we will meet at the official ceremony of opening the Gorchakov Club of new friends.

And we will say again: “Hello! Welcome!”.