“Wars and Revolutions: 1917-1920”. An international conference sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund in St. Petersburg

24 October 2017

International scientific conference “Wars and Revolutions: 1917-1920: Establishment of Sovereignty of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania” is taking place in St. Petersburg on October 24. The forum was organized by Russian Association of Baltic Studies with the support of the Gorchakov Fund.

Well-known Russian and foreign scientists, experts in the history of the Baltic countries, diplomats and foreign affairs columnists will attend the conference. They will discuss the role of military and revolutionary events of 1917-1920 in political development and establishment of sovereignty of the Baltics countries and Finland, will talk about current issues in dispute in historiography and an expert assessment of modern political interpretation of historical events.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here