The Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings will be held in Moscow for the second time in November. Call for applications!

31 July 2017

The German-Russian Forum and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund will organize the II Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings. It will take place in Moscow on November 13-14, 2017. The topic of the dialogue is “Russian-German Partnership: from Miscommunication towards Collaboration”.


Young experts (aged under 35) in the field of foreign affairs from Russia and Germany are invited to participate in the youth forum. Each delegation will include 10 people: political scientists, experts in regional studies, teachers, scientists, researchers, lawyers, economists, businessmen, and journalists.


The participants of the conference will discuss perspectives of Moscow and Berlin on certain issues of Russian-EU relations and will assess interests of the partnership as well as potential risks. Top politicians, public figures and experts from both countries invited to the forum will provide support in finding areas of joint activities. The dialogue in the youth format is expected to help developing and implementing new projects targeting expansion of the cooperation.

Working results achieved at the Youth Forum will be presented at the XXI Potsdam Meetings on November 14, 2017 in Moscow, which will bring together youth and main delegations.


Terms of participation:

Organizers of the forum will cover expenses associated with travel, accommodation and meals.


Contest procedure:

In order to participate in the conference, applicants should complete an application (applications from German participants are accepted until September 10, 2017)


Attention! Detailed information about applying for German participants can be found here


A link to apply for German participants


Working languages: Russian, German


Contact information: