The XIV Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts has opened

29 July 2019

Today, on July 29, the XIV Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts has opened in Samara. It is the first summer workshop.

This time, the event is held in several locations of the Samara region, one of the most industrial and technologically developed regions of our country: in the cities of Samara and Tolyatti at the premises of the recreation center “Russkaya Okhota” and on the platform of the International Forum of the Volga Federal District “iVolga-2019”.

During four working days, top Russian and foreign experts in foreign affairs, political science, trade and economic relations, international tourism and local representatives of science and industry will present to the participants. The guests will include Leonid Gelibterman, Dmitry Suslov, Alexey Fenenko, Oganes Sarkisyan, Eduard Poletayev, Gleb Yefremov, Alexey Tokarev, Stanislav Kazarin and others. Also, meetings with Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District Igor Komarov and Governor of the Samar region Dmitry Azarov have been planned.

The main topics of the workshop include:

  • current state of foreign affairs: present problems and prospects;

  • major areas of the foreign policy of Russia;

  • russian-European relations;

  • development of modern technologies in Russia;

  • digitization in Russia and the world;

  • utilization of modern Russian technologies in high-tech manufacturing.

Traditionally, students and postgraduates from the following countries participate in the workshop: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, US and Canada.

The event will last for four days and will end on August 2.