The XIII Diplomatic Seminar in Novosibirsk: How it was

24 May 2019

On May 23, the XIII Diplomatic Seminar of Young Experts ended in Novosibirsk. This time, the project had brought together 39 participants from Russia and other countries – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Co-organizers of the event were the Government of the Novosibirsk region and Novosibirsk State University. The workshop was also held with the support of Presidential Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Sergey Menyaylo. Autonomous Socially-Oriented NGO “Unknown Siberia” had become a technology partner of the event.

During three working days, the participants were able to visit governmental, research and other institutions. An official opening ceremony of the event took place at the Government of the Novosibirsk region. Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Leonid Drachevsky, Acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region Yuri Petukhov and Deputy Presidential Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Ibragim Gobeyev welcomed the participants.

Following the opening ceremony, a meeting with Acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region Yuri Petukhov was held. During the meeting, the participants were able to ask questions about different areas of work of the Government of the Novosibirsk region and current problems of the region – international relations, regional education, training of foreign students, influence of sanctions and countersanctions on industrial, agricultural and economic development of the region, development of science and the innovation policy. In addition to the governor, the questions from the audience were also answered by Minister of Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk region Alexey Vasilyev, Minister of Industry, Trade and Development of Entrepreneurship of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Goncharov, Minister of Agriculture of the Novosibirsk region Yevgeny Leshchenko, Head of Administration of International Affairs of the Governor’s Administration of the Novosibirsk region and the Government of the Novosibirsk region Sergey Sannikov and Chief Federal Inspector of the Novosibirsk region Yuri Semenov.

After that, Director of the Institute of Europe RAS Alexey Gromyko gave a lecture, during which he told about the foreign policy of Russia and its traditions. He also discussed current problems of foreign affairs with the attendees.

Then, the participants moved to one of the major platforms of the city of Novosibirsk – Expo Center, where Deputy Chairman of the Siberian Branch of RAS Mikhail Voyevodov made a presentation. He told about international research activities of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and different joint research studies. Besides that, he introduced the participants to a number of medical scientific studies, which had already been conducted or were ongoing at various institutions of Novosibirsk.

The second day of the event was held at the research center of our country – Academgorodok. The attendees visited a new building of Novosibirsk State University and one of the main regional centers of technological projects – Technopark.

During the day, the participants learnt about the history of Academgorodok, scientific research projects implemented by scientists of Novosibirsk in different fields, activities of certain Russian IT companies based on the experience of 2GIS from Novosibirsk and such a developing phenomenon as digital diplomacy. The following speakers presented to the attendees of the event: Mikhail Lavrentyev, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technologies of Novosibirsk State University and grandson of founder of Academgorodok, member of the Academy of Sciences Lavrentyev; Yevgeny Sagaydak, Head of the Unit of International Relations of Novosibirsk State University; Denis Lukyanov, Vice President for Business Development of 2GIS; Oleg Shakirov, Alexey Tokarev, Anton Gumensky and others.

The third day was dedicated to current issues and problems of international political, trade and economic relations, including the following: prospects of building relations between Russia and countries of the European Union, problems and challenges of the Eurasian integration and also if the process of the Russia’s turn to the East was, indeed, present and what its potential was.

Senior researcher of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Security of MGIMO under MFA of Russia Sergey Markedonov, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kubat Rakhimov, junior researcher of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Security Ivan Zuyenko, political scientist Marat Shibutov and others presented to the audience.

Overall, one of the main goals of the event was to break stereotypes of Russian and foreign participants about Siberia, regions of Russia and Russian science and research. Already for many years, young people have been believing that there is no science in Russia, that all scientists move abroad and that, besides Moscow and St. Petersburg, there is no development in our country. During the event, the participants were able to see the real side of things in all the areas discussed without making them look better and without hiding exiting problems.