The X Diplomatic Seminar. A meeting at the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol and the Eurasian Civil Forum

08 June 2017

The X Diplomatic Seminar, organized by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, continues in Crimea. In the morning of June 8, participants and organizers went on foot along the seafront to the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol. They received an opportunity to stroll along the streets, see how people live here and ask questions to representatives of public authorities. It is commonly known that Sevastopol became an independent entity of the Russian Federation three years ago.


A meeting with heads of committees on economy, urban development, humanitarian cooperation, municipal services and several others as well as with a core group of the youth parliament was held at the Legislative Assembly. Parliamentarians from Donetsk came forward with an initiative to organize a forum for the youth from unrecognized republics of Donbass on the platform of Crimea and invited the Legislative Assembly to cooperation.


A proposal was made to apply the experience of European cities. Leadership of the Legislative Assembly, in its turn, noted positive dynamics and stressed that many systematic problems had been inherited from the past.


However, Head of the City Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Oleg Gorelov urged not to blame everything on the Ukrainian period and assured that in the coming three years Sevastopol would greatly change for the best.


Representatives of the Russian Federation were interested in what initiatives were implemented to engage people of active age from other regions of Russia. It was mentioned that despite all the difficulties and the sanctions, population of the city had increased by 20% during the recent years.


As it was noted by one of the speakers, the largest number of Schengen visas was issued to Russian citizens, the EU remained a major trade partner of Russia and there were things that we could learn from each other.


After watching a documentary dedicated to the European Court of Human Rights, the audience discussed activities of the court in practice in their countries.


Then, a Bulgarian delegation made a presentation, which was dedicated to an idea that despite difference in perception and technical progress, main values remain the same.


Also, the 2nd Eurasian Civil Forum, initiated by Vagan Yegizaryan, was held on the platform of the X Diplomatic Forum. The attendees of the forum split into groups depending on the area and using brainstorming developed and presented rough drafts of their own projects.


The working day ended with an official diploma award ceremony.


A full text of the article in Russian can be found here

Text by Daria Andreyeva