The U.S. threatens Iran with isolation: consequences for Armenia and its allies

25 June 2019

Over the past few weeks, confrontation between the U.S. and Iran has escalated: accusations of attacking oil tankers and shooting down a U.S. drone have almost resulted in response measures from Washington. According to the media, the United States requested a closed-door meeting of UN Security Council on June 24 to discuss the situation around Iran. The U.S. has also tightened economic sanctions by introducing a number of new measures. It was stated in Washington that the U.S. would continue increasing pressure until Iran agreed to negotiations. In this regard, the Gorchakov Fund suggests looking at potential consequences the region might face because of the Iran’s isolation. You can read about this and also about how the U.S. used the Iranian situation in putting pressure on other countries in an article written by member of the Russian Association of Political Science, member of the Gorchakov Club Dr. Akop Gabrielyan. The original article was published on the EurasiaExpert portal.

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