The third International CSTO Model-Conference is taking place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund in Armenia

17 August 2018

On August 17, the 3rd International CSTO Model-Conference opened in Tsaghkadzor (Republic of Armenia). It had been organized by NGO Center for Public Diplomacy jointly with the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. The event was also supported by the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Yerevan and the CSTO Institute in the Republic of Armenia.

Representatives of diplomatic institutions in Armenia took part in a plenary session: Ambassador of Russia Sergey Kopyrkin, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Timur Urazayev and Ambassador of Belarus Igor Nazaruk. Officials from different governmental agencies of Armenia made presentations to the audience.

On August 18, top experts in the field of security and international relations will give lectures to the participants of the model-conference. On August 19-20, the attendees of the forum will be drafting a summary resolution, which will be forwarded to the CSTO Secretariat.

The organizers of the model-conference, which is attended by representatives of different countries – CSTO members and a number of other states – have set a goal of drawing attention of the public and the youth to the problems of collective confrontation of global challenges and development of potential solutions within the framework of CSTO’s structural entities. 

The participants of the model-conference will have a unique chance – using an example of simulated conflict situations to learn about CSTO’s working principles through sharing their vision on problems of collective security with experts in that field as well as to test themselves in the role of decision makers by representing one of the countries involved in the activities of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.