The School on Central Asia. Day 2. Prospects and problems of the EEU

25 May 2016

The second day of work at the School on Central Asia has come to an end in Bishkek. Prospects and problems of development of the Eurasian Economic Union were a main topic of the discussions.


The meeting was opened by presentations made by attendees of the School from Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan dedicated to positions of countries-members of the Union and its potential members regarding activities of the EEU.


The discussion demonstrated that majority of the participants agreed on existence of big prospects for the integration union event despite numerous problems arising on the current stage of development. That thought was expressed by senior research fellow at the Center for Post-Soviet Studies Aza Migranyan. According to her, a statement that the EEU was a failed structure was more of a propagandistic character.


As explained by Aza Migranyan, it would be possible to assess real results of the EEU only in several years, and the Union could be compared to a child, who was just growing.


Executive Director of Infranews Agency Alexey Bezborodov told the audience about prospects of a transportation network of the Eurasian space, in particular, about the future of logistical projects within the framework of coupling between the Silk Road Economic Belt and the EEU. He believes that the flow of goods, which we can obtain, “civilizes” our transportation infrastructure.


In the end of the working day, a seminar was held by Head of the Eurasian Analytical Club Nikita Mendkovich, during which the expert shared his experience in practical application of analytical work in the field of regional studies.

May 25 will be a final day of work at the School on Central Asia – 2016.