The Russian-Balkan Youth Forum in Ryazan. Call for applications!

20 July 2018

Russian participants can access an application in the automated information system (AIS) "Youth of Russia" for participation in the Russian-Balkan Youth Forum. The event will be organized on August 29 - September 3 in Ryazan by S. A. Yesenin Ryazan State University and student NGO “Russian Club” of Yesenin RSU with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). The Gorchakov Fund will provide media support to the event.

In order to apply in AIS "Youth of Russia", please follow this link

We would like to remind that about 100 people from different territorial entities of the Russian Federation and Balkan countries will attend the forum:

  • leaders and activists of student organizations;
  • heads and members of youth organizations;
  • members of youth wings of political parties and young parliamentarians;
  • young researchers and scientists;
  • young bloggers and journalists;
  • students studying Russian and young instructors of the Russian language and culture;
  • representatives of public diplomacy and international youth cooperation.

Goals of the forum:

  • development of effective youth cooperation and expansion of cooperation among representatives of youth NGOs from Russia and the Balkan countries through a discussion of the current agenda in the fields of international relations, youth policy, popularization of the Russian language and history, and working with youth of the countries-participants of the forum;
  • development of conditions for exchange of experience and development of bilateral project initiatives in social, cultural and scientific areas; development of experience related to intercultural, interethnic and interdenominational cooperation among the participants of the forum;
  • focusing attention of the society, governmental authorities and mass media on positive experience of development of the Russian-Balkan relations based on the example of youth cooperation.

Tasks of the forum:

  • to provide a platform for a discussion of public diplomacy in Russia and the Balkan countries and the role of young leaders in its implementation;
  • to provide support to development and successful implementation of youth Russian-Balkan socially-oriented projects as well as to professional participation of youth NGOs of the countries in public diplomacy programs on national and international levels;
  • to provide a platform for consolidation of youth and youth NGOs in the regions – partners of Russia and the Balkan countries; a discussion of the role of the Russian language in the Balkan region.

Theme sessions of the forum:

  • problems of security in the Balkan countries: the role of youth in their resolution; 
  • problems of multilingualism and the role of the Russian language in the Balkan region; 
  • the role of Russia and mutual cooperation of the youth in development of the Balkan region.

The working language is Russian.

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