The Russian Ambassador to Latvia awarded Antonina Pikul with a pin of a member of the Gorchakov Club

27 March 2017

On March 24, the 80th birthday of Antonina Pikul, a keeper of artistic legacy of outstanding Russian writer Valentin Pikul, was officially celebrated at Moscow House in Riga.


According to Sputnik, every once in a while one can meet so many honorary guests at the same time at Moscow House when celebrating someone’s birthday.


Representatives of the embassies of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia came to wish Antonina Ilyinichna a happy birthday. The guests included big admirer of Valentin Pikul’s work Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Viktor Olersky, editor-in-chief of Publishing House Vecher Sergey Dmitriev, Chairman of the All-Russian Movement for Supporting the Fleet Captain 1st rank Mikhail Nenashev as well as heads of Russian organizations in Latvia, military history clubs, the Petrovskaya Academy, the Baltic International Academy, and, of course, members of the Saeima and the Riga Duma.

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