The Primakov Readings in Moscow. Presentations and comments

30 November 2016

On November 30, 2016 an international forum “The Primakov Readings” continues in Moscow. The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund is taking part in the conference.


President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke to the participants. He mentioned the role of Yevgeny Primakov in relations between Russia and the West, and reminded that thanks to the Russian negotiating team headed by Primakov in May of 1997 the Russia-NATO Founding Act had been signed, which became a predecessor of the Russia-NATO Council.


“Primakov was confident that Russia needed normal, constructive, good relations with western countries as well. When he was asked if it was possible to be friends with everyone in our world, he responded, I will remind you: no, but we can and should work with everyone – the world is very complicated”, said the president.


Heritage of former Prime Minister of Russia Yevgeny Primakov has remained in the most different areas: national-building, science and foreign policy, his work while at the highest-level positions allowed Russia building a socially oriented economy, noted the president.


“Working for the good of his Motherland was completely natural, organic for him” stated Vladimir Putin at the forum “The Primakov Readings”.

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