The Primakov Readings – 2018. Speeches and comments

29 May 2018

On May 29, the annual International Scientific and Expert Forum “The Primakov Readings – 2018” opened in Moscow. The Primakov Center for Foreign Policy Cooperation and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund are participating in the event, which is dedicated to “Risks of the Unstable World Order”.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin welcomed the organizers and the participants of the International Scientific and Expert Forum “The Primakov Readings - 2018” and mentioned that this platform had become one of the most respected places for a discussion of foreign policy problems. The message of the president was published on the Kremlin’s website:

“I can state with confidence that the Primakov Readings have become one of the most respected and interesting international platforms for foreign policy discussions. This year, Moscow once again welcomes prominent experts and academics, politicians and diplomats, journalists and writers from various countries”, mentioned the president.

Also, according to Vladimir Putin, interest in the rich intellectual heritage of Dr. Yevgeny Primakov is obviously not going down due to the fact that “many of his assessments and forecasts of international development have been confirmed and continue to be confirmed by reality”.

“As timely as ever is his idea that a dialogue is most needed in times of difficult turns in global affairs and increased turbulence; instead of disrupting it, we need to intensify cooperation with our partners, to seek common ground and compromise”, stressed the president.

Vladimir Putin also mentioned the topic of this year’s event – “Risks of the Unstable World Order”, which covers a wide range of issues related to the crisis in the modern system of international relations, systematic violations of the UN Charter and the basic principles of interstate communication, the expansion of illegal sanctioning practices, and the growing protectionism and disintegration in the world economy.

The forum was opened by Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov. According to him, concerns about ongoing imbalances of basics of international relations were expressed by certain participants.

“Remarks made at the Primakov Readings International Forum prove that there are growing concerns about current imbalances of basics of international relations. Of course, they also indicate that rethinking of actions and reasons, which resulted in serious system errors and spell a complete disaster, has begun”, said Yuri Ushakov.

Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia Valentina Matvienko also spoke about peace and stability at the Primakov Readings: “In the message of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly and in the new May order ambitious goals targeting development of the country were set. In order to implement that program, Russia will need decades of peace, stability and international cooperation”.

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