The Potsdam Conference in Moscow. The 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Accords and transformation of Europe

09 October 2015

On October 12-13, the international seminar “The Potsdam Conference” will be held in Moscow. It will be arranged by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the German-Russian Forum.


The seminar with participation of respected representatives of the civil society from the two countries has been held since 1999. This year its topic is “The 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Accords and transformation of Europe. Do we need Helskinki-2?”


As it was noted by the organizers, Russian-European relations are at the stage of major reevaluation. The foundations of mutual understating and trust, which seemed unshakable, have been undermined.


The Ukrainian crisis demonstrated a difference in viewing the European structure of security in Russia and in the West. Russia does not accept the European architecture, which is based exclusively on two pillars – NATO and the EU. The West, in its turn, does not accept new zones of influence in Europe and reproaches Russia of the efforts to create such zones in the post-Soviet space.


In the course of the Potsdam Conference, 15 high-level representatives from Russia and Germany will consider opportunities for beginning a new Helsinki process aimed at supporting common European alliance. A sincere, open and intensive exchange of opinions is expected.


A press briefing will be held based on the results of the conference. It will begin on October 13 at 5 pm (Moscow time) in Metropole Hotel.

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here