The largest German newspaper heavily criticized DRJUG Association for cooperation with the Gorchakov Fund

18 January 2018

On January 17, Hamburg’s newspaper Bild, a newspaper with the largest general circulation, published article by Julian Repke “Money of Taxpayers for the German Association despite the Influence of the Kremlin”. The material mentioned the following information, translation of which was provided by InoPressa:

“The Association of Alumni of Russian-German Youth Parliament DRJUG founded in 2011 positions itself as “a public union of young experts specializing in Russia and Germany from both counties” and sets the goal of “developing a dialogue between the youth of Germany and Russia”. The foundations and educational institutions as well as sponsors from the world of business listed as “project partners” and “sponsors of the events” include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, informs Bild. In 2017, according to author of the publication Julian Repke, representatives of the organization were invited both to the Embassy of Germany in Moscow and to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“However – mentions the author – among the sponsors and the partners of the association there are two organizations, to which special attention should be paid. This involves public foundations the Russkiy Mir Foundation established in 2007 by Vladimir Putin and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund founded at the initiative of then President Dmitry Medvedev”.

Expert, specializing in Russia, from the European Council on Foreign Relations Gustav Gressel does not have any doubt regarding why those foundations had been established and why they were financing different organizations in Europe.

“This entails promoting Russian interests, points of view and preferences in the political discussion of the West as well as increasing the number of those, who will have a favorable opinion of those. (…) The main goal of providing financing is political influence and propaganda”, stated the expert in an interview to the publication.

The original article in German is available here

A full text of the article in Russian can be found here