The Gorchakov Fund was represented at the symposium “Public Diplomacy and International Development” at University of Southern California

11 March 2015

The symposium “Public Diplomacy and International Development” was held at the premises of the Public Diplomacy Center of University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles (USA). A representative of the Gorchakov Fund participated in its work.


A role of assistance to international development, public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy and “soft power” and their place in the process of creating an image of the country abroad was analyzed during the seminar.


Issues of interaction of the UN institutions, internationally recognized non-governmental organizations in the area of providing assistance to international development, governmental and intergovernmental institutions were discussed within the framework of the sessions.


Much attention was paid to humanitarian cooperation. The participants of the symposium came to a conclusion that it is diverse in its forms, reasons and scope. Though its application is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Charter and Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, the concept itself can be seen differently. If according to American and European research studies it is treated as providing humanitarian help during conflicts, post-conflict periods and crisis situations, on the Eurasian space it means interaction in the areas of culture, science, sport, mass communications and tourism.

The participants of the symposium agreed that it is necessary to use mechanisms of interaction in the humanitarian sphere and public diplomacy more actively. Thus, for example, many people abroad do not know that there are about 2 million Ukrainian refuges on the territory of the Russian Federation. Informing foreign auditorium about this could become an instrument of the public diplomacy.