The Gorchakov Fund supported an academic conference, held in Almaty, on coupling of the Silk Road and the EEU

14 March 2016

Conference and workshop “Intensification of Integration in the Post-Soviet Space through the Prism of Integration Projects in Central Asia (using an example of the EEU and the Economic Belt of the Silk Road initiative)” was held in Almaty with support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.


The forum took place at the premises on New Economy University, and experts from Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan discussed current issues of economic and geopolitical changes in Eurasia, opportunities for coupling of different integration frameworks and national projects for development of the countries in the region. One of the major discussion topics was the economic belt of the Silk Road.


According to the participants, many countries of the world originated international or national projects of development, which one way or another are connected to restoration of the ancient Silk Road. That is why under new conditions and realities, the Silk Road turned out to be useful and in demand. Due to an advantageous geographical location of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian space, the republic will benefit from implementation of any projects on restoration of the Silk Road. Establishment of the economic belt of the Silk Road, initiated by China, will promote development of infrastructure in the countries, situated along that belt, which, in its turn, will stimulate economic growth and creation of a new work force in the countries along the belt, as it was mentioned at the conference.


Source - Xinhua 

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