The Gorchakov Fund sponsored Youth Patriotic Forum “Donuzlav” in Crimea

03 August 2018

On August 2, Youth Patriotic Forum “Donuzlav-2018” opened in the Crimean village of Novoozerny in the suburbs of Yevpatoria. This year it is taking place with the support of the Gorchakov Fund.

According to the organizers, the camp aims at raising youth in the spirit of patriotism, love and devotedness to their Motherland, with the desire to study national history, towards unification of brotherly nations of historical Russia while building the modern Eurasian Union.

During two weeks, the participants will be attending a course of lectures on history, political science, sociology, and journalism. Athletic, creative and public events, tours, performances by artists and screenings of patriotic movies have been planned.

The forum will end on August 15.