The Gorchakov Fund sponsored conference “Russia-EU: a Dialogue about Social Partnership and CSR”

22 May 2017

On May 22, conference “Russia-EU: a Dialogue about Social Partnership and CSR”, sponsored by the Gorchakov Fund, is taking place at the Civic Chamber of Russia


It was organized by the Commission on Social Policy, Labour Relations and Quality of Life of the Civic Chamber of Russia, Center for Development of Philanthropy “Soprichastnost” and Business & Society journal.


Representatives of business, non-for-profit and public organizations, governmental agencies, PR companies, mass media, and experts got together to discuss regional characteristics of social responsibility of transnational corporations, trends and experience of intersectoral partnerships of representatives of business, NGOs and governmental institutions.


Topics of the conference included:


  • factors affecting CSR strategy depending on the region of the company’s location;
  • CRS and social partnership: at the crossing of interests and competencies;
  • Russian and international experience of CSR development: what brings us together and what separates?
  • social partnership of business, NGOs and government: points of growth;
  • measuring and assessing social results;
  • inspiring projects: what is the secret of success, how to overcome difficulties and transform them into advantages?
  • how to get media to cover projects of social partnerships?