The Gorchakov Fund participated in a discussion on prospects of work with compatriots at the Federation Council

06 March 2015

A roundtable on “Enhancement of Interaction Mechanisms of the Russian Federation with Foreign Russian World” was held at the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Deputy Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Roman Grishenin took part in the discussion.


The meeting was coordinated by Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Federation Council, a member of the Management Board of the Gorchakov Fund Konstantin Kosachev. The speakers stressed a need to consolidate efforts while interacting with compatriots under current conditions.


Issues of activities of Russian funds abroad, budget financing of public organizations participating in implementation of governmental projects in the area of “soft power” and necessity of change in awareness-building efforts were discussed, mentioned press service of Russkiy Mir Foundation.


According to the information source, the participants of the roundtable reviewed problems, which arise in the process of achieving goals, talked about importance of providing support to Russian-speaking mass media abroad, a need to use new forms of awareness-building efforts when working with foreign Russian-speaking audiences, and legal protection of rights of compatriots in the countries of their residence. The discussion also focused on importance of studying foreign experience of work with national diasporas and more efficient use of resources of the Russian regions. A number of other topics was discussed.


The representatives of the funds provided their proposals on efficient improvement of work, prospective changes in the legislation and legal practice.

Different points of view of the speakers agreed on one aspect: a threatening situation with the Russian world in Ukraine, dynamic decrease of space with population learning and speaking Russian and increasing migration not only require special attention, but common active actions, summarizes the source.