The Gorchakov Fund organized a meeting of Russian and Chinese experts at University of Heilongjiang

06 March 2018

A meeting of Russian and Chinese experts took place at University of Heilongjiang (Harbin, China). The event was organized by the Gorchakov Fund, University of Heilongjiang and Asia-Pacific Institute of Public Diplomacy

The event was opened by Vice President of the Chinese university Yan Ming. He stressed that development of the bilateral relation was of great important not just for Moscow and Beijing, but also for the whole world.

“It is important for China to train qualified experts specializing in Russia. University of Heilongjiang has been working to achieve that goal already for many years”, said the vice president. The roundtable included a session on economic cooperation, security in APR and cooperation in the humanitarian field.

Head of the Department of American Studies of St. Petersburg State University Dr. Yana Leksyutina made a presentation dedicated to “The One Belt and One Road Initiative: Difficulties of Implementation”. The expert mentioned that the trade volume between China and Russia remained relatively low, however, if in 2004-2010, on average, USD 360 mln were invested in Russia, in 2015 that indicator grew up to USD 3 bn. This being said, in 2016 a downturn could be observed resulting in USD 1.2 bn”.

Director of the Institute of Russian Studies Li Chuansyun told about Chinese strategies of investment into the eastern part of Russia. 

Head of the School of Oriental Studies at HSE, Professor Alexey Maslov participated as a moderator and a speaker during the first session. He told about the economic model of China for the countries of Latin America.

Deputy Director of the Russian-Chinese Friendship Society Lyudmila Filippova dedicated her speech to evolution of perspectives of the Chinese One Belt and One Road Initiative in Russia: from cooperation of superpowers to identifying a new model of cooperation. 

Senior researcher of the Center for Studies and Forecasts of Russian-Chinese Relations of the Institute of Far Eastern Studies RAS Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky told about military and political cooperation between Russia and China.

Expert of the Gorchakov Fund Maria Lyamtseva made a presentation at the session dedicated to humanitarian cooperation. Her report was dedicated to close cooperation between Russia and China in the field of education.

Top Russian experts on China from the Institute of Oriental Studies RAS, SPBU and HSE participated in the event.

The Chinese party at the roundtable was represented by experts from University of Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Jilin University and Harbin University of Commerce. Exploration of the Arctic and utilization of the Northern Sea Route, prospects of the territory of priority development in the Far Eastern Federal District as well as relations between the US and China were covered during the discussion.