The Gorchakov Fund is participating in the international sports forum in Rome

30 January 2018

The III SIGA Sport Integrity Forum is taking place at the National Olympic Committee in Italy on January 30. The Russian Federation at the event in Rome is represented by Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Leonid Drachevsky and Olympic champions – member of the Board of Trustees of the Gorchakov Fund Alexander Karelin and Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Sport of Russia Alexander Popov.

Pope Francis sent a welcome message to the participants of the forum. “The most important event today is an opportunity for serious reflections about the high value of sport for more fair society and new humankind”, says the message from the Pope.

President of the National Olympic Committee of Italy Giovanni Malago, Chairman of SIGA Franco Frattini and Minister of Sport of Italy Luca Lotti addressed the participants. 

“Sport can accomplish things that politicians, unfortunately, cannot. Sport is always a driving force towards peace and it has been that since the time of the ancient Olympic Gams”, stressed Lotti.

“We have a huge problem in world sport: the tail wags the dog, the cart is in front of the horse. This requires a solution, otherwise we will encounter serious difficulties in managing the world sport”, said Alexander Popov during his speech.

For reference

On November 2, 2015 twenty organizations got united to form an informal collation of a public-private partnership to jointly achieve management goals in sport. This association includes sports and governmental authorities, NGOs fighting against corruption, intergovernmental organizations and businesses. Today SIGA is an independent and neutral collation, which includes almost a hundred partners all over the world.

In July of 2017 the structure of SIGA was approved. Franco Frattini was elected the first independent chairman of the alliance.

SIGA’s priority activities targeting development of the new culture of integrity of sport include effective governance, financial transparency, integration of sports bookmakers and protection of youth.

Detailed information about the activities of the organization can be found on its official website.