The Gorchakov Fund invites to discuss current issues of public diplomacy within the framework of All-Russian Congress of Political Scientists

18 March 2015

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund invites all the interested experts and professionals to participate in the roundtable “Public Diplomacy under Conditions of Current International Challenges” held within the framework of All-Russian Congress of Political Scientists.


Burning issues related to development of public diplomacy as a key mechanism of international cooperation under current conditions, search for new instruments of involvement of civil society into the foreign policy process, creation and advancement of an unbiased idea about Russia in the world are planned to be discussed.

Applicants willing to present during the roundtable are required to submit a registration form on the website of the Congress and attach theses of their report by April 20, 2015.

We kindly ask you to forward a copy of your theses to Anna Velikaya at in order to be included into the program of the discussion (please include the subject of the message “Congress of Political Scientists”).

The theses are accepted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) formats and following requirements should be observed:

- the name of the file should be the author’s name written in Latin characters (for example, ivanov.doc) to be saved in the system;

- interval - 1.5, font - Times New Roman, size - 12, footnotes - for each page separately;

- 4000-5000 characters with spaces including footnotes;

- the title should only include a name of the report (last name of the author at the stage of experts’ selection is not indicated)

“Common Pool of Congress Applications” is recommended to be selected as a thematic field. 

All-Russian Congress of Political Scientists is organized by Russian Association of Political Science for the seventh time. It will take place in Moscow in October 2015. Russian and foreign participants are invited to attend.