The Gorchakov Fund has supported a conference at the Egmont Institute for International Relations

11 September 2017

A conference dedicated to “The Role of BRICS in the World” was held in Brussels on the platform of the Belgian Royal Institute for International Relations. The event had been organized by embassies of the five member countries. The conference coincided with the summit of the union, which took place in Xiamen.

The Gorchakov Fund sponsored participation of a Russian delegation in the forum.

Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium Ms. Van Calster welcomed the participants. Representatives of the expert society, public and business circles, and the Diplomatic Corps took part in the forum.

The delegation sent by the Gorchakov Fund included Professor of the Department of World Economics and International Financial Relations of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Irina Yarygina and Chief Research Fellow at the Centre for Russian–Chinese Relations Studies and Forecasting  Dr. Vladimir Petrovsky. Experts told about the changing role of BRICS in the world economy and global politics during their presentations.

The speakers mentioned a unique role of BRICS in providing stability of the system of international relations and overall development, a contribution of the organization into the fairer, equitable world order based on the international law, principles of openness, incisiveness, mutual respect, acknowledgment of cultural diversity and national specifics.