The Gorchakov Fund has launched a new website

04 December 2017

Dear friends,

A new official version of the website of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund has been launched.

We have changed the design of the pages, added animation and expanded useful space of the website.

Now you can find more detailed information about our events, learn news of our partners and read exclusive texts from our experts in the same block of information.

As before, the website has everything the applicants need to know in order to apply for financial support from the Gorchakov Fund and to participate in our programs and projects.

We are planning to make a video recording of the most interesting conferences and presentations by well-known experts.Those materials will be available on the website.

Based on requests received from our subscribers, we have launched a calendar of events. Now you will be able to learn about our events in advance.

The website of the Gorchakov Fund has become more adaptive. Its pages are correctly displayed on devices with various screen resolutions: computers, tablets and smartphones.

We hope that you will enjoy the updates and find much interesting and useful information on the new website.

Sincerely yours,

The Gorchakov Fund