The Gorchakov Fund at CFDP Lecture Center: “Is Democracy Always Good?"

27 May 2019

30 years ago in China certain infamous events took place on Tiananmen Square. Using those events as a cut-off point, we would like to discuss in a wider context a fate of the democratic idea at the turn of 21st century and how much perspectives on the role and evolution of the democracy have changed over thirty years from the moment of its active rise.

Today much is said everywhere about the crisis of democracy and its use by populists in developed countries, but at the same time the People’s Republic of China is considered as an example of unconditional success and a claimant not just for economic, but also for political leadership.

Are political democratization and modernization natural and necessary stages of the modern development or does the example of China demonstrate new trends of the political evolution?

The following experts will participate in the discussion:

Fyodor Lukyanov – Chairman of SFDP Presidium

Alexander Lomanov – Senior Researcher of the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies at IMEMO RAS

Alexander Filippov – Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor of HSE

The meeting will take place on May 29 at 7:30 pm at ZIL Cultural Center (4/1 Vostochnaya St., 3rd floor)

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