The Gorchakov Fund and the Russian-German Forum will hold the Potsdam Conference in Berlin

27 May 2016

Well-known politicians, representatives of business and respected experts will take part in the event on the Russian and German sides. Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier will open the conference with a welcome speech.


The topic of this year is “Russia and Germany: a Foreign Policy and Economic Dialogue”. The goal of the event is development of joint decisions in regards to challenges of the foreign policy taking into account interests of Russia and Germany, above all, in the field of economy. During the conference, three blocks of issues will be discussed:


Discussion Block I: Current trends in Russian-German economic relations


Discussion Block II: New agenda of European security


Discussion block III: A dialogue between politics and public

The seminar with participation of respected representatives of the civil society from the two countries has been held since 1999. In October, the first Potsdam Conference, organized jointly with the Gorchakov Fund, was held on the topic of “The 40th Anniversary of the Helsinki Accords and Transformation of Europe. Do We Need Helskinki-2?”