The Gorchakov Fund and the Primakov Georgian-Russian Center held an expert meeting of tourism industry representatives from both countries

13 August 2018

On August 13, the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Primakov Georgian-Russian Public Center organized an expert meeting of tourism industry representatives from Russia and Georgia. The goal of the meeting was to create a joint framework of interaction, which will promote development of cooperation in the area of tourism.

Heads of top tour operators from the two countries gathered together at a roundtable. Russia was represented by companies Russian Express, Mouzenidis Travel, Intourist, Academservice, Masterskaya Puteshestviy, PAKS, GK AVIA CENTER “Russian Holidays”, ANEX Tour as well as the national Association of Tour Operators. Agencies Queen Tamada, Kamerton Travel, Tourulu TeamBuilding, Travel shop and World Express represented the Georgian side during the discussion.

The participants of the meeting evaluated prospects of development and promotion of a group type of tourism, exchanged opinions about opportunities for creation of a competitive touristic product, covered issued related to infrastructure, logistics and measures to provide security.

It is important not to forget about quality standards of the above mentioned product. In this regard, the parties discussed professional development and retraining programs for employees of the tourism industry in Georgia, talked about opportunities for bilateral cooperation in developing quality standards for providing touristic services.

A social aspect is gaining special importance in development of the tourism industry in Georgia. One of the topics of the roundtable was dedicated to engagement of local population with the knowledge of the Russian language into touristic projects. The participants also discussed development of proposals with the aim of providing jobs to population in smaller towns.