The anniversary Diplomatic Seminar was opened at the Gorchakov Fund!

05 June 2017

On June 5, the X Diplomatic Seminar was opened in Moscow. The research and educational meeting of young experts in the field of foreign affairs is implemented by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund in partnership with Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of the Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and for the International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) for the purpose of popularizing special program “New Generation”.


38 participants fr om 16 countries came to participate in the traditional youth platform for an open dialogue on the issues of international cooperation, economy, law, public diplomacy, and history. The attendees were welcomed by Deputy Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Roman Grishenin. He told about history of the Gorchakov Fund and its activities, reminded that the Diplomatic Seminar had already been held for five years. Roman Grishenin identified that program as a good opportunity for young experts to listen to top Russian experts in the field of foreign affairs. He welcomed the fact that the number of universities in the Russian Federation, wh ere issues of foreign policy were studied, was constantly growing and that representatives of those universities and institutions were participating in the Diplomatic Seminar at the Gorchakov Fund.


According to the deputy executive director of the Gorchakov Fund, hundreds of applications received for participation in the research and educational programs demonstrated that it was in demand.


Roman Grishenin mentioned that the anniversary Diplomatic Seminar served as the first experience of implementing events in cooperation with Rossotrudnichestvo.


The first working day of the conference started with a lecture by Vice-Rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Oleg Ivanov. When opening his speech, the scientist stressed that the Diplomatic Academy closely cooperated with the Gorchakov Fund on different platforms and every time the events were interesting and memorable.


The presentation by Oleg Ivanov was dedicated to search of ways to end the deadlock in relations between Russia and the West. According to the scientist, there is a number of factors, which influence the international situation in our country. One of them is that the Russian Federation is still perceived by the West as a country, which lost in the cold war based on the position set in the 1990s. This being said, the geopolitical power gained by Moscow gave rise it its negative perception in the West.


Thus, Oleg Ivanov believes that mixed feelings towards integration processes in the post-Soviet space, which are presented as an effort to restore the USSR, can be observed. And that, in turn, allows explaining the implemented policy by the need to go back to deterrence of Moscow.


The scientist believes that absence of mutual understanding has not occurred today, but it has been slowly accumulating since the end of the 1980s and became deeper during the process of NATO’s expansion into the east. One of the big signals of the crisis of trust was presented by the bombings of Yugoslavia.


This being said, Oleg Ivanov is sure that bad relations are beneficial neither for us nor for the West. What should be done to end the crisis? First of all, according to the speaker, it is necessary to use experience of easing of tension, to avoid demonizing each other.


The scientist reminded about the words said by American political scientists Henry Kissinger, who called demonization of the Russian president by the West – not a policy, but an alibi of its absence.


Oleg Ivanov believes that one should choose a balanced and pragmatic approach in bilateral relations. He noted that the Diplomatic Seminar, organized by the Gorchakov Fund and Rossotrudnichestvo, was a contribution, even though a small one, into the search of such an approach in the humanitarian sphere.


According to the speaker, one should not be obsessed with determining values and imposing them onto each other. We have all the opportunities to switch from actions in the spirit of the cold war to robust cooperation.


Expansion of the audience of St. Petersburg World Economic Forum is illustrative of positive prospects in regards to moving from the dead point in the field of economic cooperation

Then, Head of Administration of Rossotrudnichestvo, member of the Gorchakov Club Olga Yevko and Roman Grishenin spoke to the participants. They told about programs and projects of their organizations and answered numerous questions from the audience.