The 3rd Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings will take place in Moscow

31 October 2018

On November 3, the Third Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings will be held in Moscow. Organizers of the event are the Gorchakov Fund and the German-Russian Forum.

The topic of the conference is “Beautiful New World? Digital Future as an Opportunity for Russian-German Cooperation”. Two discussion blocks are planned within the framework of the forum. Participants will discuss politics and security in the digital era and will define expectations and concerns. The second session will be dedicated to the future in general and overall development in the areas of economy, science and education.

The forum will be opened by Executive Director of the Gorchakov Fund Leonid Drachevsky, Chairman of the Management Board of the German-Russian Forum Matthias Platzeck and Special Envoy to the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) Mikhail Shvydkoy.

Members of the Bundestag are also planning to attend the event – participants of the meeting between members of the Russian and German parliaments, which will be organized by the Gorchakov Fund and the German-Russian Forum on November 2 in Moscow.

The participants of the conference will include young politicians, governmental officials, lawyers, economists, journalists, scientists, researchers, teachers and public figures from Russia and Germany. The Russian and German delegations were formed based on results of the competitive selection.

The Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meetings, which was held for the first time in May of last year, ranks high among respected international platforms for a dialogue between civil societies. Summary documents of these conferences are included into the agenda of the main Potsdam Meetings and these documents become an important topic for a discussion during the meetings of Russian and German parliamentarians.

Importance of the youth dialogue between Moscow and Berlin has been stressed on the highest level. We would like to remind that the Second Youth Forum of the Potsdam Meeting was announced by President of Russia Vladimir Putin in October of last year during a joint conference with his German colleague Frank-Walter Steinmeier.