The 3rd International CSTO Model-Conference. Speeches and comments

29 August 2018

On August 17-21, the 3rd International CSTO Model-Conference, organized by NGO Center for Public Diplomacy jointly with the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and the Department of Political Science of Russian-Armenian University, took place in Tsaghkadzor (Republic of Armenia). The event was also supported by the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Yerevan and the CSTO Institute in the Republic of Armenia.

Representatives of diplomatic institutions in Armenia took part in the plenary session: Ambassador of Russia Sergey Kopyrkin, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Timur Urazayev and Ambassador of Belarus Igor Nazaruk. Assistant Secretary of the National Security Council of Armenia Armine Margaryan, Deputy Head of National Scientific Research University under the Ministry of Defense of Armenia Colonel Beniamin Pogosyan, Press Secretary of the Minister of Defense of Armenia Artsun Obannisyan and President of the Center for Public Diplomacy Norayr Dunamalyan also made presentations to the audience.

The meaning of CSTO for our countries, security and cooperation on a larger scale is understandable and clear, stated Ambassador of Russia in Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin. According to him, when analyzing these questions, the participants of the conference would be able to better understand the problems, which CSTO had to face in terms of protecting our common interests.

The conference was attended by many experts, political scientists, university instructors and young researchers. The experts represented a number of respected Armenian, Russian and other international institutions: Yerevan State University, Russia-Armenian University, Center for Post-Soviet Studies, Center for Caucasian Studies and Regional Security, Foundation for Development of Eurasian Cooperation, Association of Young Experts of Moldova, Povolzhsky Institute of Management named after P. A. Stolypin of RANEPA, the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Russian Customs Academy and others.

On August 18, political scientist, Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Ikanderyan gave a lecture. The expert presented a modern map of security in the South Caucasus to the audience and mentioned the role of Armenia in the region. In the conclusion, he emphasized the asymmetric character of positions of the CSTO member countries and influence of that factor on further development of the organization.

On the same day, Associate Professor of the Department of World Political Processes at MGIMO, research fellow at the Center of Post-Soviet Studies Yuliya Nikitina and senior research fellow at the Center for Caucasian Studies and Regional Security Nikolay Silayev read a lecture on the topic of “CSTO as a Military-Political Union” and presented a structure and main areas of activities of the organization to the participants.

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