Sergey Lavrov took part in a meeting with Russian NGOs

10 April 2015

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov held a meeting with representatives of Russian non-profit organizations on April 10. Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund Leonid Drachevsky participated in the meeting.


The event included exchange of opinions about cooperation between the MFA and NGOs.


The importance of potential of the Russian civil society for development of a dialogue with the foreign community, delivering an objective message about Russia’s positions on current issues and international agenda was underlined.


The head of the foreign service noted in his speech that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is interested in engaging NGOs from the Crimea into activities within the framework of international fora .


The minister also stated that Russia had encountered an unprecedented media war.


“When talking about Ukraine, I would like to note that a destructive course in regards to the events there, introduction of illegitimate sanctions against Russia, efforts to punish our country for standing up for truth and justice, for defending compatriots resulted in a serious crisis in our relations with the West. We have encountered a wide-scale media war”, said Sergey Lavrov.


According to the minister, despite the Russophobia promoted by the USA, many Russian NGOs are interested in cooperation.


“In regards to the USA: despite an openly confrontational course of the US administration, despite the Russophobia promoted at its suggestion, many non-governmental organizations in Russia and the USA stay interested in cooperation. And we actively support that”, RIA Novosti quotes the minister.

The participants of the meeting expressed their support of the Russian MFA and readiness for further joint work on defending priorities of the Russian foreign policy .