Russian-Georgian Public Center in Tbilisi is holding a communicative meeting on public diplomacy

02 April 2015

A communicative meeting on public diplomacy was opened in Tbilisi on April 2. It was organized by Russian-Georgian/Georgian-Russian Public Center in Tbilisi established with support of the Gorchakov Fund. Representatives of NGOs and think tanks from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia will gather together on this platform. They will present international projects, which contribute to strengthening of the role of civil and academic institutions in the process of making national political decisions.


The Russian delegation consists of representatives of organizations, which provide financial support to bilateral and multilateral projects in the field of public diplomacy and international relations. The meeting in Tbilisi is an opportunity to establish contacts with colleagues from neighboring countries, share experience of work and learn ways to secure financial support for implementation of the initiatives in 2015-2016. The representatives of Russian organizations, distributing grants, will teach how to document a project and get financial support for its implementation.


Meetings with Georgian experts and journalists, discussions of current issues on interrelation of a state and a community in the modern world are planned.

Russian-Georgian/Georgian-Russian Public Center in Tbilisi was established in 2013 with the goal of promoting a Russian-Georgian dialogue and active involvement of experts, political scientists and public figures in regional public and political processes touching upon the countries of Caucasus and their neighbors.