Russia needs to be presented as an appealing civilized project

02 March 2015

Russia needs to be presented as an appealing civilized project, stated Roman Grishenin, Deputy Executive Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, on the air of radio “Sputnik-Armenia”.


“One of the areas of work of the Gorchakov Fund is a policy of “soft power”. A military and economic power of the world’s national and administrative units is not a priority, but a capability of a state and society to influence international space by using their cultural, historical and political values”, said Roman Grishenin.


According to him, in this context Armenia has been long since interconnected with Russian in cultural, political and historical perspectives.


This being said, according to Roman Grishenin, as opposed to the US concept of “soft power”, which in the end implies use of hard power in case soft power does not provide results, they try to present Russia as some kind of appealing civilized project, as an aggregate of its merits and flaws.


“We definitely need to speak about what is happening in Russia, how it reacts to external threats and we need to be brutally honest and open about it. We try to inform our friends and partners about reasons for our actions and manifestations in foreign policy”, stressed Roman Grishenin.


Source – “News-Armenia”