Roman Grishenin gave an interview to Vzglyad

11 March 2019

“It is extremely important that the work, which had to be done after the Festival of Youth and Students, continues. In fact, reformatting into “Eurasia” came to mind”, said Coordinator of Youth Projects for Foreign Participants of Forum “Eurasia” Roman Grishenin.

“Our goal is to offer the youth from different parts of the world an opportunity to communicate on a Russian platform. Let’s say, to create a social network and not a virtual one, but in real life”, emphasized Roman Grishenin, Deputy Director of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, Coordinator of Youth Projects for Foreign Participants of Forum “Eurasia”.

In August, the International Youth Forum “Eurasia Global” will open in Orenburg.

It is expected that about a thousand participants, two hundred people more than in 2018, will get together here. According to the organizers, a concept of the educational agenda of the forum is aimed at developing an objective image of Russia abroad. The youth will learn about educational, scientific, economic, innovation and touristic opportunities in Russia. The discussion will include design and implementation of joint projects.

“The Gorchakov Fund has already worked with Forum “Eurasia”. We held the so-called “Conveyor of Grant Projects” among participants, who had come from abroad. And according to our assessment, everything went extremely well, – said Mr. Grishenin. – Some projects have already been completed while others are being implemented now”.

The interviewee mentioned that in just a few days a large event would start in Liverpool and London, which was presented at Forum “Eurasia” – the 2nd All-British Youth Conference of Russian Compatriots. “I am sure that the Gorchakov Fund will expand its presence at the reformatted forum “Eurasia Global” and will also organize a contest of projects, where the winners will receive our grant support”, stressed Mr. Grishenin.

A full text of the interview is available here