Rethinking Russia: Appearance of Russia, where the Gorchakov Fund was established, on global “Soft Power 30” ranking should not come as a total shock

23 June 2016

Appearance of Russia on global “Soft Power 30” ranking should not come as a total shock.


Danielle Ryan writes about that in the article published on the portal of International Analytical Center Rethinking Russia.


The author reminds that “investment in soft power influence is a long-term business… and the nations appearing at the top of the list have had a big head start. What the list reveals now is that along with short-term events, Russia’s longer term projects may be beginning to bear some much-needed fruit”, the article says.


Danielle Ryan continues: “Long-term efforts like what, for example? The Russian World Foundation was founded in 2007 to promote Russian language and culture abroad and was modelled off the likes of the British Council and the Goethe Institute. More focus was placed also on public diplomacy with the creation of the Russian International Affairs Council and the Public Diplomacy Support Foundation (the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund). Major events like the Sochi Olympics and the upcoming 2018 World Cup are all intended to slowly but surely shift global opinion on Russia in a positive direction”.


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