Results of the CIS International School of Public Diplomacy were summarized in Armenia

10 December 2018

On November 25-December 1, forum “The CIS International School of Public Diplomacy” for experts and community leaders from the CIS countries took place in Armenia.

Professionals and experts in public diplomacy, journalism, economics, culture, political science, law and psychology from different countries participated in the project.

The goal of the project was to train experts interested in improving their skills in the field of “soft power”, which will strengthen cooperation between the CIS countries and provide new opportunities for development of intergovernmental relations by establishing a network of experts in public diplomacy.

Experts, participants and organizers of the forum shared their opinions about results of the event. "The International School of Public Diplomacy demonstrated a high level of not only experts, but also participants and consolidated everything in the Club of Public Diplomats. Worldview, imagination, creativity, unconventional thinking, rationality, progressive thinking, efficiency and perception of the world – those were the mottos utilized by all parties involved in the process of project implementation”, summarized Executive Director of the School of Public Diplomacy Tigran Shadunts.

The Organizing Committee thanks participating organizations for their support and cooperation in implementation of the project.

Maria Mukhayeva, Belarus State University, a student at the Faculty of International Relations: “I found every participant to be highly intellectual both in the area of international relations and diplomacy. All of them had their own opinion on different topics. However, we should not disregard the age criterion, which contributed to related professional and academic experience of the colleagues.

The International School of Public Diplomacy is a pilot platform for development and cooperation, which focuses its efforts on consolidation of youth potential. It is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate qualities of a leader, find likeminded people and move only forward!”

The project was organized by the School of Public Diplomacy and All-Armenian Youth Center Serund with the support of the Federal Youth Agency (Rosmolodezh), the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation of the CIS, State-Financed Institution “International Youth Center”, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Armenia and Russian Center for Science and Culture in Yerevan and Gyumri.