Partners of the Gorchakov Fund have organized a trip around Russia for American political scientists, businessmen and public activists

13 September 2017

On September 13-21, a delegation of representatives of the New York State Senate and non-governmental organizations of the United States will visit Russia at the invitation of Chairman of the National Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Mykhametshin.

President of Russian-American Cultural Heritage Center (RAKSI) Olga Zatsepina informed press service of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund about that event.

According to her, the delegation will visit Moscow, Kazan and St. Petersburg. Representatives of the state of New York have set the goal of establishing and continuing cooperation on the regional levels in the field of culture, business and public diplomacy.

Co-organizer of the event is Russian-American Cultural Heritage Center (RAKSI). It is not a coincidence as RAKSI became an initiator and organizer of launching and holding the Month of Russia-American History in the state of New York, which has been successfully held for already six years with the support of the Senate, stressed Olga Zatsepina.

Activities of RAKSI, which unite both compatriots and Americans, are an example of what compatriots can do to preserve Russian history and heritage as well as promote the image of Russia in the country of their residence, added the interviewee of the press service.

Under the conditions of tense relations between Moscow and Washington, DC space for public and parliamentary diplomacy is opening, she believes.

Russian-American Cultural Heritage Center (RAKSI) is a partner of the Gorchakov Fund.