Participants of the X Diplomatic Seminar visited the State Duma and the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Russia

06 June 2017

On June 5, a meeting of participants of the X Diplomatic Seminar, organized by the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund, with Vice Speaker of the lower chamber Pyotr Tolstoy and First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs Dmitry Novikov took place at the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


After greeting “the future diplomats and politicians”, Pyotr Tolstoy mentioned that parliamentarians at the State Duma of Russia, membership of which was significantly changed a year ago, work together despite their political beliefs. He stated that there was misunderstanding abroad in regards to what kind of country Russia was, however, in several years this situation, according to expectations of the parliamentarian, would change.


Dmitry Novikov, in his turn, told in short about principles of work of the parliamentarians at the State Duma.


The participants of the seminar asked questions about problems of international politics – the Republic of Donbass, Iraqi Kurdistan, supporting compatriots and youth policy in the Eurasian space, Trans-Dniester resolution and Russia-Georgian relations.


After the meeting, the participants went on a tour, which was dedicated to the history of the building, where the State Duma is located, and Russian parliamentarism.


On the same day during the visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, attendees of the Diplomatic Seminar had a chance to visit one of the conference halls where briefings of Official Representative of MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova take place. First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Diplomats of Russia Areg Agasaryan told about the council of young diplomats, its history and structure of activities. A presentation illustrating areas of work of the council was made. An example of establishing the forum of young diplomats of the CIS, Europe, BRICS states, countries of Organizations of Islamic Cooperation, which was described in detail, was the most interesting and inspiring for the participants of the Diplomatic Seminar representing different countries.


The meeting was followed by an active discussion, in which members of the Council of Young Diplomats and Chairman of CYD Konstantin Kolpakov took part. He answered questions about qualities and requirements to young diplomats of MFA.


The first day of the Diplomatic Seminar ended with a traditional night of presentations about countries represented in the program. The main result of the night was not just introduction to cultural traditions of neighboring countries and beyond, but also destruction of existing stereotypes.

Text by Daria Andreyeva.