Participants of the Russian-Kazakh Youth Forum have learnt about projects of the Gorchakov Fund in Orenburg

05 September 2016

The Russian-Kazakh Youth Forum “Sosedi”, organized by Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Commonwealth of Eurasian Nations” and the Department of Youth Policy of the Orenburg region, has ended in the Orenburg region.


According to a press service of the government of the region-56, the conference was attended by activists of youth organizations of leading political parties from Russia and Kazakhstan, the Russian Union of Youth, the Eurasian Movement, Zhas Ulan (Young Generation) union, Kenes (Council) union, and volunteers from students teams.


As per the information source, the meeting was opened by President of the Assembly of Nations of the Orenburg Region Venaly Amelin.


Vice-Governor – head of the Administrative Office of the Governor and the Government of the Orenburg region Dmitry Kulagin introduced the guests to the history of the region and the contribution made by Orenburg, as the first capital of the republic, to development of the Kazakh national identity, to natural riches of the region, its economic power, remarkable figures of culture, and variety of nations and religions. He mentioned that the Orenburg region welcomes its friends and creates all the necessary conditions for them to express and realize themselves since a young age.

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