Outcome Document of the CSTO Model-conference, supported by the Gorchakov Fund, will be delivered to General Secretariat of the organization. Photo and video report

03 March 2015

The CSTO model-conference, unprecedented in its framework, took place on February 17-20 in Armenian Tsagkhadzor and was organized by Youth NGO CONSENSUS with financial support of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. Partners of the event were Russian Scientific and Cultural Center in Armenia and Representative Office of CSTO Institute in Armenia.


A unique project within the framework of the model-game was developed by a team of Political Science Department at Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University and Youth NGO CONSENSUS. During a short period of time the organizers of the Model-conference were able to develop interesting format of a diplomatic game, which included various types of simulation of an actual decision-making process within CSTO. The main goal of the event was to draw attention of public, particularly, of youth to problems of collaborative opposition to global threats and development of possible decisions within the framework of individual structures at CSTO.


Agenda of the Model-conference focused on discussion of the treat coming from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant to countries-members and observers of CSTO. The participants, experts and moderators were faced with the goal of finding optimum alternatives of fighting against military and political, informational, financial and geopolitical influence of ISIS.


Such format allowed the participants to learn about internal mechanisms of the decision-making process at CSTO. Experts of the organization together with young specialists carried out efficient work within the framework of three sessions of the Model-conference (Council of Ministers of Defense, Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Committee of Secretaries of Security Councils of the countries-members of CSTO) and covered educational, coordinating, advisory and other aspects of the Model.


The most active participants of the conference will have an opportunity to study for free at Russian universities this year, mentioned Mark Kalinin, head of the Russian Scientific and Cultural Center in Armenia. According to him, this involves studies in any areas and categories from a Bachelor’s program to post-graduate studies.


The organizers of the event together with Representative Office of CSTO in Armenia and the Gorchakov Fund are looking forward to an opportunity to organize the CSTO Model-conference next year in broader format.


The Outcome Document of the conference will reflect a common position of the countries-members of CSTO regarding principles of work on the international arena.


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