Minsk and Belarus will host the VIII Diplomatic Seminar!

01 December 2015

Belarus will host the next meeting of experts on foreign affairs! On December 2, the VIII Diplomatic Seminar of the Gorchakov Fund will bring together on its platform future diplomats and experts in the field of foreign affairs from 17 countries.


Participants of the conference will meet with well-known political scientists and historians, representatives of public organizations from Belarus, Russia and CIS States, will visit governmental agencies of the Republic of Belarus and memorable historic sights. For the first time in the history of diplomatic seminars of the Gorchakov Fund, its audience will visit the glorious Brest Fortress, which defended peace and freedom.  


“The Diplomatic Seminar of young experts” is a research and educational program of the Gorchakov Fund and a youth platform for an open dialogue on the issues of international cooperation, economy, law, public diplomacy and history. For many attendees, participation in the project served as a good professional stimulus for further research and public activities. The Diplomatic Seminar is an excellent opportunity to make a statement on the international platform, expand one’s perspective and meet personally with well-known political scientists and experts, improve professional skills and make useful connections with colleagues from other countries. Five days of learning, communications and impressions.

Graduates of programs of the Gorchakov Fund and members of the Club of Friends as well as Embassy of Russia in the Republic of Belarus, the Faculty of International Relations, the Belarusian State University and the House of Moscow in Minsk will be partners of the projects.