Mikhail Shvydkoy: No sanctions can interfere with humanitarian cooperation

07 July 2015

On July 7, the Foreign Affairs Week continues within the framework of the Academy of Journalism “Kommersant”. A meeting of participants of the program with Russian President’s Envoy for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoy took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.


He compared cultural cooperation among nations with Chinese traditional medicine, which acts slower than classical medicine, but often more effectively. Indeed, the field of humanitarian cooperation todays is one of the foundations of foreign affairs.


Mikhail Shvydkoy mentioned the problem of convergence of cultures. He believes that culture of one country perceives culture of another country if it is mature for such a process. This being said, Russian culture is mutually responsive and open to the world – from the East to the West – and can successfully process everything that comes in it.


He reminded of the years of the cold war, when confrontation in multipolar world had an ideological character. Nowadays leading players have their own national interests, but they are not formalize as ideological anymore.

When drawing conclusions of the meeting, Mikhail Shvydkoy expressed confidence that cultural, scientific and educational cooperation with the West will be preserved. According to him, no sanctions can prevent Russia from holding the so-called “cross-years” with European states.