May 25. 10.00 am. International conference at the Gorchakov Fund “The Mexican-American War 1846-1848 in a Historical Retrospective”!

24 May 2017

International scientific conference “The Mexican-American War 1846-1848 in a Historical Retrospective” will open on May 25 in Moscow. It was organized with the support of the Institute of Latin America RAS and the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund.


The conference dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the military conflict, as a result of which the U.S. occupied over a half of the territory of neighboring Mexico, will be held by Regional Public Organization “Association of Researchers of Ibero-American World”.


Different aspects of the Mexican-American conflict are planned to be discussed, its background and reasons will be analyzed, and results and consequences for further development of relations between the two countries, including their current period, will be assessed in a historical retrospective. This topic is of immediate interest and importance under modern conditions of aggravation of the international situation.


According to the organizers, every country has landmark events in its history, which to a great extent determine its future development. The war with the U.S. in 1846-1848 became, no doubt, such an event for Mexico.


The historical result of the war led to a radical turn in the fortunes of both countries. For the U.S., it provided preconditions for becoming a superpower. For Mexico, the defeat in the war destined the country to “periphery” status in world economics and politics.


One of the goals of the conference is to compare results of the bilateral conflict with modern realities, with understanding of those legal and moral-political problems, which were introduced by its participants in the field of state-to-state relations, stressed the organizers.

Opening of the conferences is at 10.00 am Moscow time.