May 11 – a lecture by Yelena Ponomareva “Soft Power as an Instrument of Influence”

04 May 2016

A lecture by Professor of the Department of Comparative Political Science and member of the Gorchakov Fund’s Club of Friends Yelena Ponomareva on the topic of ““Soft Power as an Instrument of Influence” will be held at MGIMO on May 11.


This lecture will be a final one in the first half of the course “How the World Works: Past, Present and Future” organized by the Club of Political Analytics Kratos, where Yelena Ponomareva serves as a research advisor, according to information provided on the official website of MGIMO.


The source continues: “All those interested are invited to attend the lecture. Please keep in mind that participants of the meeting outside of MGIMO will have to complete an electronic registration form to receive an entry pass into the university”.


The lecture will be held in Auditorium 443 of MGIMO. Beginning is at 4:00 pm Moscow time.


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