Knowledge Day in the shade of the chancellor. The Gorchakov Fund has visited the Moscow Diplomatic Cadet Corps

01 September 2017

Where in Moscow the memory of Alexander Gorchakov has been eternalized? Almost everyone would respond to that question as follows: “At MGIMO!”. Indeed, the monument by sculptor Ivan Cherapkin, opened in the courtyard of the university of MFA of Russia, is well-known.

Someone will remember the bust of the chancellor in Alexander Garden. There is a similar depiction kept in our Foundation.

All the above mentioned works of art are united by one thing. Their authors are professional sculptors, recognized craftsmen. However, there is another masterpiece in Moscow, which was created by… schoolchildren, to be precise – by cadets, future Russian diplomats.

Orshanskaya Street in the west of Moscow is buried in verdure, not yet touched by the blush of the fall. An endless flow of boys and girls wearing a dress uniform with shoulder cords, reminding of the uniform of the students at the Suvorov Military School, is moving along the sidewalk. Students of the Moscow Diplomatic Cadet Corps – one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the capital – are hurrying to take their post at the official ceremony.

We are welcomed at the territory of the corps, to the left of the main entrance by… It can’t be true! By Alexander Gorchakov himself, a snow-white park and garden sculpture! The chancellor is depicted in full height, in his gypsum hand – a rolled paper. Perhaps, it is the same circular, the text of which is known today not only to professional diplomats, but to everyone who appreciates the history of their Motherland: “Russia is accused of getting isolated and keeping silence in the face of facts that are neither in harmony with the law, nor with justice. They say that Russia is sulking. Russia is not sulking, she is composing herself”.

It has become a tradition at our corps to rub this paper for luck, - said Director of the museum “History of Russian Diplomacy”, located on the territory of the educational institution, Lyudmila Chernova. – Before exams or term papers, the cadets come here to the sculpture of Gorchakov.

And the instructors come here as well. To rub the paper to get a salary increase! – added one of the instructors.

Those words were met with laughter coming from parents of newcomers – the 7th grade students, who today, on September 1, 2017 for the first have entered through the door of the corps.

The children study work of a diplomat of their choice and then they have to defend that project, – mentioned Lyudmila Ivanovna. – Then, according to the tradition, the platoon is named after the respected person by an order of the director.

Devotedness of the cadet corps to the tradition can be sensed at the museum, headed by Lyudmila Chernova, when looking at every exhibit, every document. The exhibition was created by the students themselves. And even the sculpture of Gorchakov was made by them!

To tell the truth, it is hard to believe in that! Lyudmila Ivanovna is providing a proof of authorship with a smile – a colorful album. An unbiased camera caught all the stages of the sculpture’s creation and its erection at the entrance.

The chancellor turned out to be heavy, - sighed the head of the museum.

It turned out that being guests at the diplomatic corps was not just an honor. The parade became a real present for the audience. The students of the school marched across the parade ground with unrolled banners to the music of a military march! One should admit that many guards of honour, which tourists are planning see in the Old World, will be envious of the line training of our future diplomats.