Fedor Lukyanov: One needs to understand what Russia wants to be in the new model of the world

06 July 2015

On July 6, series of meetings and lectures within the framework of the Foreign Affairs Week, taking place at the Academy of Journalism “Kommersant”, were opened by political scientist, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Russia in Global Politics” Fedor Lukyanov. The topic of his presentation was priorities of the Russian foreign policy in a changing world.


The expert called the current era transitional. Use of force by certain states has become normal. The system, which had been brought into balance after II World War, turned out to be destroyed and new balance on the planet is missing.

According to Fedor Lukyanov, an idea prevails that the cold war was won by the West and that is why it can define the world order. However, one of the main assumptions of global politics is that the role of unipole in the global word is excluded. The world is stable when there is balance of power.