Congratulations to the German-Russian Forum with its 25th anniversary!

15 March 2018

The Gorchakov Fund congratulates the German-Russian Forum with its 25th anniversary!

Due to its unique experience of cooperation between the nations of the two countries the Forum has become a respected international organization in the field of public diplomacy and makes significant contributions into development of cooperation and establishing mutual understanding on the whole European continent. The voice of the forum is clearly heard at numerous conferences and famous discussion platforms, which gather representatives of science, culture and business.

During those 25 years, the German-Russian Forum has been constantly increasing its audience. It makes us happy to see that now future leaders of our countries also participate in the bilateral dialogue held during the youth part of the Potsdam Meeting along with well-known politicians.

The Gorchakov Fund highly appreciates productive cooperation with the German-Russian Forum. We believe that from now on our cooperation will only be getting stronger and that in the coming years we will organize new interesting discussions, memorable meetings and an open dialogue for the sake of European stability.