Applications for the XI Diplomatic Seminar are no longer accepted!

23 April 2018

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund has stopped accepting applications for the XI Diplomatic Seminar of young experts, which this time will take place in Kaliningrad and Baltiysk.

Several hundred representatives from almost twenty countries applied for participation. Winners of the competitive selection will meet with top scholars in the field of international relations, prominent political scientists and historians, and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The attendees will have an opportunity to visit numerous attractions and memorable historical sites of the most western region of Russia.

We would like to thank those, who applied for participation in the Diplomatic Seminar. The delegation has been formed and all the participants will receive official letters of invitations for this research and educational program by April 28th at their e-mail address.

If you do not receive such a letter, please do not lose hope! Follow our announcements, bookmark our calendar and sign up for our pages in social media. Make sure you participate in the future contest as well!