An expert of the Gorchakov Fund presented at the discussion during Europe Day in St. Petersburg

28 August 2017

On August 26, Europe Day was celebrated in St. Petersburg within the framework of the youth camp for Russian Germans from Russia and Germany “We Build Bridges instead of Walls”.

A podium discussion dedicated to “The Role of Partnership of Youth NGOs in a Dialogue between the Civil Societies of Russia and Germany” became a centerpiece of the event. The audience was introduced to the best practices of youth organizations in the field of Russian-German cooperation and the vectors of further development were identified.

Expert of the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and alumnus of the youth forum of the Potsdam Meetings Andrey Miller made a presentation during the discussion.

He told about the programs implemented by the Gorchakov Fund in the Russian-German area. In particular, he shared results of the first youth forum of the Potsdam Meetings discussed at the XX Potsdam Meetings in Berlin on June 22-23 and also made an announcement about the second youth forum, which will take place in Moscow on November 13-14.

Deputy Director of International Youth Center, Head of the Russian National Coordinating Bureau for Youth Exchanges with the Federal Republic of Germany Dina Sokolova, member of the Task Force for Politics and Protection of Rights of Ethnic Minorities (Youth of Ethnic Minorities of Europe) Matthias Germovchek, Chairman of the Union of German Youth of Kazakhstan Artur Bartel,  Information Officer of International Exchanges of the Federal Union “DJO – German Youth in Europe” Theres du Vinage and Deputy Chairman of regional association “St. Petersburg Roundtable”, member of the National Youth Council of Russia Andrey Khodykov made presentations during the event.

The international youth camp for Russian Germans from Russia and Germany “We Build Bridges instead of Walls” was organized by international NGO “German Youth Union”.